Class I Class II Class III
1994 election (19R, 14D)
1996 election (20R, 13D)
1998 election (18D, 16R)
2000 election (18D, 15R)
2002 election (21R, 12D)
2004 election (19R, 15D)
2006 election (24D, 9R)
2008 election (20D, 13R)
2010 election (24R, 10D)
2012 election (25D, 8R)
2014 election (22R, 11D)
2016 election (22R, 12D)
2018 election (23D, 10R)
2020 election (20R, 13D)
present (23D, 10R)
present (20R, 13D)
present (20R, 14D)

Key: Republican, Democrat, Independent caucusing with Democrats.

Present classes, with states that go against Cook PVI highlighted
next election 2024
next election 2026
next election 2022