Campaign 1996

Some of these links were taken from external compilations, including one courtesy of Reuters.
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Road to the White House
Campaign Central
The Virtual Newspaper
Vote Smart Project - Lots of links to government and U.S. and state campaign Web sites, plus Vote Smart Project's own National Political Awareness Test of candidates' support for various issues
ElectionLine - "Webzine" created by ABC News, The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine
All Politics - Webzine from CNN and Time magazine
Campaign 96 Online - A guide to on-line politics
Primary Destination: New Hampshire - National and local coverage provided by Foster's Daily Democrat of Dover, New Hampshire, and The Citizen of Laconia, New Hampshire
Point Politics - A guide to the guides, with links to many of the above


The White House - This is not a campaign site.
Clinton-Gore 96


Bob Dole
Pat Buchanan
Lamar Alexander
Steve Forbes
Richard Lugar
Phil Gramm
Arlen Specter

Party Sites

Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee

Spoof Web Pages

Bill Clinton
Bob Dole
Pat Buchanan
Steve Forbes
Phil Gramm
Dan Quayle
Lamar Alexander
Colin Powell
Newt Gingrich ?? - running it?
VOTE '96
Censor-U Net
Rush Limbaugh(or
Bill Gates
Pete Wilson
Republican Central Comittee
Libertarian Party

(L. David Baron)