Pseudo-element and pseudo-class tests

This tests some cases of the statement in CSS2 section 5.3 that

If the universal selector is not the only component of a simple selector, the "*" may be omitted.

and the statement in section 5.10 that

Pseudo-classes are allowed anywhere in selectors while pseudo-elements may only appear after the subject of the selector.

Nothing in this paragraph should be red, whether it is on the first line or not. This is because pseudo-elements are only valid when attached to the subject of the selector.

The first line of this next should not be purple. It should be the normal color.

The first line of this paragraph should be purple.

The first line of this paragraph should be purple. There should be nothing at all unusual about these words. Specifically, they should not be red, and their first letter should not be larger. This is because :first-letter and :first-line only apply to block-level elements.

  1. The links in this ordered list should be blue on a yellow background.
  2. Yahoo
  3. W3C

Any emphasized text in a link within this blockquote should be red on a green background. This is a link to the web standards project with emphasized text within it.

Every element within this div, such as the word div earlier in this sentence (but NOT this paragraph) should begin with the words "Beginning of an Element" in navy on a yellow background.

This paragraph should begin with those words.

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