DOM Test Pages


These pages test conformance to the DOM Level 1 Recommendation. They assume that:

The tests of exceptions depend on the third edition of ECMA-262 and are therefore in separate pages. The XML-based tests make a number of other assumptions, some of which are not based on specs anywhere, so that the tests work on Mozilla. They will (hopefully) be brought into compliance with XHTML at some future date.


All the test pages use the same linked CSS and ECMAScript.

Level 1 Core in HTML

Level 1 Core in XML

Level 1 HTML

Level 2 Events (old Draft)

These tests are based on an old draft, although I have started to convert them to the current (2000-03-07) Candidate Recommendation.

Level 2 CSS

Node removal tests

These tests test stability when certain important nodes are removed. The point of these tests is to check that nobody can use this trick to maliciously crash a browser.

HTML Mozilla XHTML (not yet available)
Removing node Removing all children of node Removing node Removing all children of node
document removing all children of document
html removing html removing all children of html
body removing body removing all children of body
head removing head removing all children of head
body and head removing body and head removing all children of body and head
title removing title removing all children of title

Old tests

I have a few old tests based on an old version of the base JavaScript code. Separate versions for different browsers are versions that eliminate tests that cause fatal errors in those browsers, so that non-fatal errors can be seen (this is done within the tests in the new versions). There's also an old prototype test page.

Tests for mozilla bugs

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