European History on the Web (School Project)
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European History on the Web L. David Baron.
A project for my European History class - May 1996


Good Sites

The good sites that I have selected are a very small selection of the good sites that I have found on the Web. This is not a list to look at if you are looking for something specific. Look at the lists above. It is merely a list of some sites that might be of interest to the student of European History.

Multiple Time Periods - by Country

Greece and Rome

Early Christianity, The Middle Ages

The Renaissance

The Reformation and Counter-Reformation

European Expansion and Wars of Religion



The Development of Easstern Europe

The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

Enlightened Despotism and the Eighteenth Century

Classical Economics

The French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions

Nineteenth Century European Life

Nineteenth Century European Politics


The Causes of World War I, World War I, and the Russian Revolution

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Thought and Science

Facism and World War II

The PostWar Era and the Cold War

Recent Years

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