David Baron's weblog: December 2002

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Saturday 2002-12-21

I obeyed his instructions ten minutes later, and had my worst nightmare since Christmas eve.

I dreamed that Churchill was in danger of dying, and that Tommy was stating his case to God. Tommy offered the Lord a WOK, and then a LOP, and then himself, if Churchill could be spared. Christ and Moses were present as members of the Executive Council. Barbara was taking notes, and I was holding a copy of the FFI code-book in case Jehovah wanted that too. ‘No,’ said Barbara, ‘Tommy's life will be enough,’ and a tear fell on her notebook. A heavenly choir began chanting ‘Hosanna’ in Morse.

-Leo Marks, Between Silk and Cyanide, p. 465

It's a good book. I read it for the second time Thursday into Friday. And for the second time I finished all 600 pages within a 24 hour period.

Next up, John Adams and Shadow Puppets.

Sunday 2002-12-15

something I need to remember more often

Saturday 2002-12-14

Judging from his December 12 entry, Hixie has actually been reading my blog. Is that a hint that weather is boring and my titles aren't very creative? And I assume he would have preferred that I had written 16°F and -9°C. He's right, of course.

I've actually started hacking Mozilla a bit on Thursday night rather than just drowning in bugmail and reviews and not doing any work of my own. Of course, all I did was just fix a few easy bugs and think about another one to relax after spending much of the evening doing homework. I didn't finish the harder, but related bug yet, although I did make some progress this morning. Never mind actually thinking about doing anything major, like not having ten different ways to do intrinsic sizing (which would fix the aforementioned harder bug for me).

Off to meet Chris and Boris for lunch...

Wednesday 2002-12-11

If you thought discrimination was a thing of the past, read this article about discrimination based only on whether names on resumes sounded white or black.

Tuesday 2002-12-03

It's too cold outside. To be exact, it was 16F (-9C) this morning.