David Baron's weblog: July 2003

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Thursday 2003-07-31

Fun with sendmail! More later on my new laptop...

Wednesday 2003-07-16

I'm amused that when the President of the United States and his administration were being accused of being deceptive, the president (1) had the head of the CIA take responsibility and (2) declared his full confidence in the head of the CIA. That doesn't seem to do anything useful to resolve the lack of confidence in the administration.

In other news, Mozilla is now an independent organization and AOL has laid off many Mozilla hackers. It's not entirely clear what's in store for the future, but I'm certainly still committed to working to keep the web from being controlled by Microsoft, or any one company. I'm also still at AOL through the end of September, during the transition.

I suspect procedures will change a bit. Was Dan the last sheriff? We'll see.