David Baron's weblog: September 2004

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Wednesday 2004-09-22

A few (technical) thoughts (00:48 -0700)

Saturday 2004-09-11

Bad memory (12:14 -0700)

So this morning I was getting annoyed at the small amount of RAM in my laptop. Since I recently (after having the laptop for over a year) got Linux to use my CPU at full speed instead of half speed (by adding DEVICE="acpi" to /etc/cpuspeed.conf), memory has really seemed to be the limiting factor. (Well, it has a slow disk too.) I've also been doing some things that use a lot of memory lately. I wondered why I only got 256 MiB of RAM in the first place—that didn't seem like something I'd do. So, with the thought of buying more RAM in mind, I pulled out the folder that had the receipt for my laptop to see whether I had an empty memory slot or 2 128 MiB DIMMs.

And the receipt said I had ordered 512 MiB of memory. But free says I have 256 MiB, and the BIOS agrees. And I don't really ever remember this machine having 512 MiB. So I opened up the laptop, and, lo and behold, there were 2 256 MiB DIMMs in there. A few experiments showed that one of the two memory slots was bad. And the machine is already out of warranty (since I got a short warranty, which for me is usually a better deal, especially since I'm never sure whether Dell will honor the warranty after I've installed Linux).

I really need a better memory of what I ordered. Or better memory. Or something. But maybe I'll at least remember not to order laptops from Dell again.