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Monday 2005-04-25

Photos, Travel Plans (01:14 -0700)

After seeing the use of Flickr at the technical plenary meeting, I decided to make myself an account. I've only uploaded a four photos so far.

The first two were from early February, when things were getting green and flowers were beginning to bloom in California. (This still surprises me, since I grew up where it snows in the winter.) On a nice Sunday afternoon, I went for a drive along Highway 1 on the Pacific coast, and took these photos:

[Photo of ocean waves on rocks] [Photo of yellow flowers and Pacific coastline]

The other two were from two weekends ago. Since it's been a relatively rainy winter, everything that hasn't been covered with pavement is quite green. Sunday the 10th was the first sunny day in a while, if I remember correctly, and I went for a hike in Monte Bello Open Space Preserve up in the ridge separating Silicon Valley (where I live and work) from the Pacific Ocean:

[Photo of tree in clearing] [Photo of grass, flowers, chapparal, and the ridge]

In other news, I have a bunch of reasons to be in Europe around the same time, so I'm planning a long trip (long for me, at least). I'll be in Amsterdam for XTech, then attending the CSS working group meeting at Sophia Antipolis, then nearby in la Napoule for the W3C Advisory Committee meeting, then back in Sophia for a day, and then back home. Hopefully I'll publish more photos during my trip.