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Friday 2005-06-17

Travels to Amsterdam (18:20 -0700)

I intended to blog a bit about my trip as it happened. Except for one short entry near the beginning, I didn't. Anyway, I was in Amsterdam from May 24 to May 29, attending XTech 2005.

I'll start with an illustration of the traffic patterns I mentioned in my previous blog entry:

[Photo of Intersection along Stathouderskade]

This is a photo showing an intersection along Stathouderskade, just east of the entrance to the Vondelpark. There's a bike path visible (a slight depression in the sidewalk), and painted patterns show both a pedestrian crossing (left) and a bicycle crossing (right) where they cross the intersecting street. That street also has tram tracks.

Speaking of the Vondelpark, the Saturday after the meeting was a very nice day, so the park was full of people:

[Photo of people in the Vondelpark]

The center of the city is full of canals and is a great place to walk around:

[Photo of shady canal in Amsterdam] [Photo of houseboat across the
Prinsengracht from near the Anne Frank Huis] [Photo of the Keizersgracht]