Where I've been caught on camera

This is my collection of photos, by other people, of me and of things I've been to. These are not my own photos or photos by others that I think are good.

See also photos of me on flickr, not all of which I've added here.

Test the Web Forward, Paris, France, October 26-27, 2012
Jet Villegas's photo: me in a t-shirt
MozCamp LATAM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 21-22, 2012
Ariel Kanterewicz's photos: me talking in Guillermo Movia's session on governance
Mozilla All-Hands, San José, California, September 12-16, 2011
Tristan Nitot's photos: portrait of David Baron
Mozilla All-Hands, Mountain View, California, April 4-8, 2011
Ludovic Hirlimann's photos: David Baron
CSS Working Group Testing mini-Face-to-Face, January 25-26, 2011
Simon Fraser's photos: looking at conference bike
Tantek Çelik's photos: biking from Lunch, biking from Lunch
TPAC 2010, Lyon, France, November 1-5, 2010
Anne van Kesteren's photos: along the river, photographing Fourvière
CSS Working Group Meeting, August 23-35, 2010
Tantek Çelik's photos: In the meeting, In the meeting, At Dinner, During a break, Dinner at Håkon's
Mozilla Summit, July 6-8, 2010
Bob Moss's photos: at the opening night reception, at the science fair or World Expo, at the science fair or World Expo, photo of current and past Mozilla and Netscape interns
wquiviger's photos: visiting the World Expo
Gen Kanai's photos: full group photo
CSS Working Group Meeting, Cupertino, CA, March 29-31, 2010
Håkon Lie's photos: me at dinner
Sylvain Galineau's photos: in the meeting
Tantek Çelik's photos: At dinner, In the meeting
Mozilla Office, January 26, 2010
Rob Sayre's photo: in meeting
Mozilla All Hands, December 7-9, 2009
Bob Moss's photos: talking to John Daggett and John O'Duinn, talking to John Daggett and John O'Duinn, talking to John Daggett and John O'Duinn, giving my lightning talk, giving my lightning talk
Firefox 5th birthday party, November 9, 2009
Bob Moss's photos: Taking photos at the other end of the room
W3C Technical Plenary, November 2-6, 2009
Sylvain Galineau's photos: looking at something with Tab Atkins and timeless
Tantek Çelik's photos: in CSS meeting
Mozilla, July 2009
In photo in New York Times article, on the far side of the table at the left edge
CSS Working Group Meeting, Sophia-Antipolis, France, June 3-5, 2009
Anne van Kesteren's photos of our visit to an old books collection in Antibes: with John Daggett and Alex Mogilevsky with much of the group
Mozilla Corporation Onsite, April 27-29, 2009
Joe Drew's photos: me sitting down at the start of a meeting
Meeting between Mozilla and CC folks, April 28, 2009
Joi Ito's photo
SXSW Interactive Panel on CSS3, March 15, 2009
Jeffrey Barke's photos: panelists
Mercury State's photos: the whole room, full
Kazuhito's photos: panel
Steven Trotter's photos: panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, (photostream includes most of the slides, too: see all his photos of the panel)
W3C CSS Working Group Meeting, March 4-6, 2009, Tokyo, Japan
Sylvain Galineau's photos: at dinner
W3C Technical Plenary Meeting, October 19-24, 2008, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France
Anne van Kesteren's photos: observing HTML meeting on Thursday, in HTML meeting on Friday
Henri Sivonen's photos: during coffee break
Kai Hendry's photos: asking a question in the plenary session
CSS Working Group Meeting, August 20-22, 2008, Cambridge, England
Daniel Glazman's photos: Lunch (I'm mostly hidden), me, me, me
Alex Mogilevsky's photos: At the meeting with Daniel Glazman, At the meeting with Håkon Lie, buying punting tickets (I'm with Richard Ishida at the counter), starting our punting trip, punting (I'm sitting in the blue shirt next to Steve Zilles), punting, photographing while punting, photographing while punting
Anne van Kesteren's photos: In meeting day one, likewise, likewise, walking back after day one, likewise, before punting, while punting, while punting, while punting, taking a picture while punting, while punting, in meeting day two, in break on day three, in meeting day three, likewise, likewise
Richard Ishida's photos: looking at laptop, at whiteboard
Mozilla Firefox+ Summit, July 28 - August 1, 2008
Matthew Gregan's photos: me
Gen Kanai's photos: at dinner
Channy Yun's photos: me and joone (second copy)
Mozilla Intern BBQ, July 18, 2008
talking to Jonas
Mozilla Office, May 19, 2008
Walking near the back corner in Paul Kim's photo of the new office arrangement
Mozilla Platform Work Week, May 5-9, 2008, Mountain View, CA
Rob Sayre's photos: working, at dinner
CSS Working Group Meeting, March 2008, San Diego
Daniel Glazman's photos: collage (I'm in the left column, third and fourth rows)
Tantek Çelik's photos: break from the meeting
Molly Holzschlag's photos: in the meeting room
W3C Technical Plenary, November 2007, Boston
Aaron Gustafson's photos: taking photos before lunch, actually taking the photo, at the BoF lunch, in the CSS WG meeting
charlton_b's photos: asking a question before the BoF lunch, at the BoF lunch, talking to Molly and TimBL (well, I was pretty quiet), still talking, talking more
Molly's photos: after dinner on Friday
Richard Ishida's photos: CSS WG meeting
Daniel Glazman's photos: me, me drawing on the whiteboard
Henri Sivonen's photos: in HTML WG meeting
Tech talk at Mozilla China, September 8, 2007
Li Gong's (宫力) photos
Mi Jia's (米嘉) photo
BarCampBlock, August 18, 2007
Tantek's photos: talking after the CSS session
jordansissel's photos: me in the back row of a microformats session, the same from another angle, and again
Mozilla Intern BBQ, August 9, 2007
ashughes's photos: Eli Friedman, me, and Christian Biesinger, Mike Schroepfer, me, and Justin Fitzhugh
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, Banff, Canada May 2007
psd's photos: me talking to Doug Schepers at the reception
rwfreund's photos: eating at the AC reception
Mozilla Onsite, April 2007
The company photo (I'm near the right edge, next to bzbarsky)
Tristan Nitot's photos: eating pizza with Axel Hecht and Boris Zbarsky
CSS Working Group Meeting, Google, Mountain View, March 2007
Kevin Lawver's photos: poster I gave Kevin, walking back from lunch
Tantek's photos: explaining how to get in the building, lunch
César Acébal's photos: walking to lunch, dinner at Zibibbo
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, Tokyo, November 29-30, 2006
Richard Ishida's photos: at the microphone, commenting on the future of HTML
CSS Working Group Meeting, Mozilla, Mountain View, November 2006
Cindy Li's photos: me with my camera, me with my camera, and others, me not using my camera
Tantek's photos: Lunch at Google, Dinner at Zibibbo
Lunch 2.0 at Mozilla, August 31, 2006
tychay's photos: me peering over biesi's shoulder
schill's photos: Jonas and me
Mozilla Office, July 2006
A mystery photo by Esthr, which was a picture of brendan, myk, and me at Mozilla's conference table
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, Edinburgh, May 2006
psd's photos: hidden within one crowd, hidden within another crowd
XTech 2006, Amsterdam, May 2006
Zbigniew Braniecki's (gandalf's) photos of my talk: me and a slide, another slide, another slide, me and another slide, talking to howcome and dsr afterwards
Zbigniew Braniecki's (gandalf's) other photos: talking to bsmedberg and laurent
Paul Kim's photos: me at dinner
CSS Working Group Meeting, Amsterdam, May 2006
César Acébal's photos: our backs, walking down the street, meeting room, meeting room, meeting room, taking the tram, in the meeting, eating Indonesian food, eating Indonesian food, from the other side of the table
W3C Technical Plenary, February 2006, Mandelieu-la Napoule
CSS Working Group group photo: by Kevin Lawver (by Kevin Lawver), from Molly's camera (by Anne van Kesteren), from Tantek's camera (by Kevin Lawver)
Tantek's photos: discussion at a break
Molly's photos: me playing the piano, at lunch
Richard Ishida's photos: the same break discussion Tantek captured, again
Daniel Glazman's photos: me and Tantek, me, eating lunch
Anne van Kesteren's photos: me, me at dinner with Ian Hickson and Murray Maloney, CSS Working Group, CSS WG group photo, walking back from CSS WG group photo
FOSDEM, Brussels, February 2006
frmozdem's photos: giving my talk
King Molan's photos: listening, giving my talk
Paul Rouget's photos: with Alex Fritze
marcoos's photos: me talking
Tsahi Asher's photos: me talking
Paul Kim's photos: at dinner with Gerv and Tristan (and Chris Thomas?)
Robert Kaiser's photos: waiting outside the room, still waiting, me talking, talking more, in the audience, in the audience
CZilla photos: me, me and Tristan Nitot, at dinner, at dinner, talking
CDF WG Meeting, Sydney, Australia, January 2006
Robin Berjon's photos: wine tasting in the Hunter Valley, walking to or from a break in the meeting, in the meeting room
Scott Hayman's photos: wine tasting in the Hunter Valley
Firefox Summit, December 2005
my portrait as part of the series Tristan took (with Anna's help)
Anna's picture of me
CSS WG Meeting, Technorati, San Francisco, October 2005
Daniel Glazman's photos: me, me and Tantek, me
Tantek Çelik's party, September 11, 2005
Maciej's photo, Tantek's photo, and Andy's photo (with Eris) of me
New Mozilla Office
Chris Beard's photos of the construction at our new office (I'm not in any, but they're still related)
W3C@10 Europe, June 3, 2005
W3C@10 Mementos page (I'm listed on the photo credits page for offering some photos, but none of mine are actually on the page; there is a photo somebody else took of me, though)
XTech 2005, Amsterdam, May 2005
Daniel Glazman's photos: me
W3C Technical Plenary, Boston, March 2005
psd's photos: within a crowd, in the second row, next to Tantek
Firefox 1.0 release, November 9, 2004
Photo of debugging Web server issues: at Mozilla Digital Memory Bank, in Mitchell Baker's weblog
Unknown date, 2004, Mozilla office (during a meeting)
group photo (from Rafael Ebron via Paul Kim)
CSS Working Group Meeting, Microsoft, Mountain View, October 2004
Kimberly Blessing's photos: me and Elika and Kevin Lawver, me, Douglas Bowman, and Håkon Lie at the Technorati Open House
W3C Technical Plenary, Mandelieu-la Napoule, February/March 2004
Richard Ishida's photos: Joint meeting between CSS and i18n
My parents' house, January 1, 2004
photo by one of my parents
Netscape, Summer 2002
Chris Waterson's photos: me and Brendan Eich in Chris's cube (from his blog)
Evanston, Illinois, March 25, 2000
photo by Johnny Huang's brother
Valley Forge National Park, April 25 or 26, 1998
photo by my dad