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I am an freshman at Harvard (Photo). I am living in Canaday Hall.

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There is no authoritative list of any set of information on the Web. The links presented in these pages represent links to only a few categories of things on the Internet -- those that I am interested in. It is still a tiny fraction of the vast number of things available on the Internet in merely these categories. If you have any suggestions for additions to these pages, please make them. It is not possible for one person to keep track of information on all of the different sites spread throughout the world, even in any specific area of information, such as Weather (and it is quite hard in a small subset of that, such as satellite images.) There are some very good lists of links that cover small topics, but large lists of links, such as Yahoo or Galaxy can only provide pointers to a few of the best sites, or a few of the best lists.

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I support the Best Viewed With Any Browser campaign because the purpose of the web was to allow more people to have access to information, not to be able to see that there is information that they can't access. I think Cascading Style Sheets allow the designer to specify a design while keeping a page device-independent, and this is badly needed on the web. It is also very important for browsers to support the standards as written, so those making web pages don't have to worry about which tags will crash which browsers, etc. For example, when I added ACRONYM and ABBR elements to this page to indicate acronyms and abbreviations (helpful to users with disabilities), the page crashed Netscape Navigator, so I had to remove those elements. Therefore, I support the Web Standards Project.

P.S. Is your software 2038 January 18 compliant? This may be more serious than 2000 January 1, since C stores times as seconds since January 1, 1970. This number will reach 2 to the 31st on Monday, 2038 January 18, after which it will roll back to 1901 December (12th?).

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