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I've been commenting on CSS specifications and testing implementations of CSS since the summer of 1998. I became involved in work on one implementation, Mozilla, soon afterwards, although I have maintained an interest in CSS in general (although with gradually less time to spend on it). I'm currently an invited expert to the CSS Working Group.


I'm working on a guide to user stylesheets that discusses some of the issues relating to good style in user and author stylesheets.

I have also written the following:

The following are a few selected mailing-list messages that I think are important:

Test Pages

I have written lots of test pages! The results table is probably the most interesting way to look at them. I have also contributed some tests to the W3C's CSS Test Suite and to the Web Standards Project's CSS reviews.

I have written up some lists of bugs in some browsers based on the W3C's CSS Test suite and other tests.


I've written some notes on font sizes to explain the problems resulting from different definitions of font size. The results from my aspect ratio testing have an explanation of some similar problems. (My newsgroup post on 1999-10-09 may help to explain some of these problems from the beginning.)

My aspect ratio tester uses DOM Level 2 (although the first version may use some proprietary extensions - the spec is not yet finalized so it's not clear whether they'll be in it). It has two forms:


I use browser-sniffing to serve different CSS to different browsers. This technique has some problems with proxies. I have a sample sheet of server-parsed CSS, which is heavily based on Todd Fahrner's version, but with some improvements.

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