CSS1 Test Suite Results: NGLayout Engine

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Bugs from Test Suite

The list that follows is a list of bugs in the browser, that is, what is described is in error. I sometimes only mention the bug the first time it occurs in the test suite. I have also included a few partially supported features as bugs because, although it would be acceptable to completely fail to support the feature, supporting it halfway can cause unexpected results.

Not a "bug": The underlining is ugly. (See Bug 1019)
This page is the first real mess. Cursive, fantasy, and monospace don't do what they should in the first part, but monospace somehow becomes better when there is an alternative font-family after it. Fonts in the DIV seem to be changing the size of fonts within - in the second DIV, with the monospace font. There may be some other weird things too. (See Bug 1038) (See Bug 581)
Judging from MSIE5, you could do a little better with the weight 900 (which also applies to the H4 with bolder. (See Bug 972)
Underlining does not stay constant color as (?) it should. (See Bug 1019)
middle (See Bug 606) and text-bottom (I think) and 50% aligns are done incorrectly. The reflow with image loading acts a bit oddly as well. (See Bug 1040)
5.5.01, 5.5.02, 5.5.03, 5.5.04, 5.5.05
The *-margin: 25% doesn't shrink enough when the page is narrowed (reflow problem?). (That is, it stops shrinking when the page is narrowed beyond a certain point.) (See Bug 1041)
The elements with width: 50% are not centered by the auto settings in the left and right margin. (See Bug 1042)
5.5.06, 5.5.08, 5.5.09, 5.5.10
Percentage padding does not resize when the browser resizes.
The top border is 1px (?) thinner than the rest. This is especially visible on thin. (See Bug 591) (See Bug 1052)
5.5.18, 5.5.20
The thin (top & bottom) border is thinner inside the table. (See Bug 1055)
The vertical alignment of the floats is technically correct, but may not be the best choice. However, I have a modified version of this page where it is incorrect, according to CSS2, along with other bugs. See the CSS2 Specs.
clear: is not supported. I consider this a bug, since float: is supported (although not completely working...). However, it appears that the following paragraphs are being affected by the clear. (See Bug 707)
ex units are way too small. (See Bug 974)

Unsupported Features from Test Suite

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