CSS Test Suite Results: Opera 3.5 beta for Windows 32-bit


The list that follows is a list of bugs in the browser, that is, what is described is in error. I have also included a few partially supported features as bugs.

Underlining is ugly. There should be a stable baseline, since text-decoration is not inherited, but simply spans children.
ex units are way too big; they are being treated as em (However, they seem to be done right in Section 5.4.1 and other places).
Weight 900 is not rendered as well in this page on italic, larger fonts as it is in section 5.2.5.
The underlining should be a constant color, since text-decoration is not inherited, but spans over children.
The following vertical-align does not work: middle.
5.5.01, etc.
The TABLE's border picks up the aqua background of some of its contents.
The top edge of the thin maroon border (the second example) is black (or darker than the rest), as are the top and bottom edges of the double maroon medium border (the sixth example).
I think that according to the CSS2 spec, the vertical placement of the text around the floating images is incorrect.
5.6.4, 5.6.6
The list marker images don't have enough padding around them. (There is exactly zero separation between the marker and the text, and that is just a function of the size of the marker.)

Unsupported Features

Other Bugs I've Heard About (not from CSS Test Suite)

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