Aspect Ratio Results

I tested the following fonts using my aspect ratio tester with a 100px Windows font size, using the Mozilla browser for Windows (in May of 1999).

Hopefully, all the values are only plus or minus 1px, but I could be off by two. "exact" means I enlarged the image rather than judging pixels.

These data show the ratio of the requested height of the font to the actual height of the font returned (as given by its metrics, I assume). That is, all the fonts here should be separated by 100px, but Mozilla uses the height from the font metrics (?) to determine the actual line-height, so the separation of the lines shows how big the font claims to be.

Differences between requested and actual font size cause a number of problems for browsers. If browsers implemented ex units or the font-size-adjust property, computation of aspect ratios or x-heights would be an additional such problem. The aspect ratio that uses the requested font size is just the number in the "x-height" column divided by 100. The aspect ratio that uses the actual font size is the one given in the "Aspect Ratio" column.

See a post I made to c.i.w.a.s for an explanation of the issue from the beginning.

Name x-height Font Size Aspect Ratio
Arial 52 112 0.46
Avant Garde 53 119 0.45
Bookman 47 118 0.40
Century Schoolbook 45 120 0.38
Comic Sans MS 50 (approx) 140 0.36
Courier New 42 107 0.39
Garamond 37 111 0.33
Georgia 48 114 0.42
Gill Sans 45 116 0.39
Goudy Old Style 40 112 0.36
Helvetica 52 112 0.46
Lucida Blackletter 54 (approx) 114 0.47
Lucida Bright 53 (exact) 113 (exact) 0.47 50 114 0.44
Palatino 50 124 0.40
Times New Roman 45 (exact) 114 (exact) 0.39
Verdana 55 121 0.45

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