How I Classify My Links

I have a classification program that takes raw input from two files, the classification scheme, and the raw links (but not the links I haven't sorted yet). You can use the program and the makefile if you want. I have decided to make it available under the GNU General Public License.

The source code of the program is not very nice. It is a hack. Don't even attempt to use it if you don't know C. It runs on Unix. It's not that complicated, so I expect it should work on any modern Unix platform. There are a number of improvements that I want to make to it, but it does basically serve my purposes. If you want to try it, look at the example files (above) to see how the input works, set the defines at the top of the programs, and try. I don't promise it will work. I don't even promise that it won't delete all your files. In fact, there is a significant risk that it will overwrite your files if you don't set the output directory to an already created, empty, directory. Also note that the list of links has to be sorted. You have to do that in a separate directory.

Finally, please let me know if you make any useful modifications to the program.

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