David Baron's weblog: February 2003

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Thursday 2003-02-13

For those of you who don't have the fun of winter in the Northeast US (well, it's a pretty mild winter compared to many parts of the world), here's what things looked like here yesterday afternoon (or was it Tuesday?):

[Photo of Pine tree and leafless plants covered in snow]

Since I'm up to putting some photos online, I'll say that it's quite a contrast to Paris when I took this picture (probably the best I took on that trip) back in August (standing between the Louvre and the Seine):

[Photo of Footbridge over Seine]

Monday 2003-02-10

I've seen a bunch of good movies recently. Kings Row featured Ronald Reagan in a role for which he was well cast. The TV detective series Foyle's War seems like it could match Inspector Morse and Poirot, although it's great less because of the mysteries themselves than because of the setting, which is the English town of Hastings during the Second World War.

It looks like Mozilla 1.3beta is finally ready, after struggling against too many changes that landed at the last minute. During the closure, I've filled up most of the trees I can fit on my disk with enough changes that it's hard to just hack on things while waiting for the tree to reopen. After all, I haven't had much else to do since I finished school. Of course, I spent a good bit of last week fixing beta-blocking bugs (144027, 156764, 190951) and not-quite-beta-blocking bugs (188927, 191965, 192336) rather than the stuff I'm usually interested in. I've also been doing a bit of work on the CSS style rule rewrite, although I haven't attacked the main part of the problem yet.

The idea of traveling seems somewhat nice, in the abstract anyway, especially considering how low some plane fares are these days. But I can't think of anywhere that's warm in February, interesting, and not too hard to reach.

Sunday 2003-02-02

I've done a few neat hacks with X-Remote over the past few days. I've also been doing a good bit of work on Mozilla.