CSS1 Test Suite Results: NGLayout Engine

This page lists results of running NGLayout through the W3C's CSS Test Suite, and a few other tests, including my own tests.

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Bugs from Test Suite

The list that follows is a list of bugs in the browser, that is, what is described is in error. I sometimes only mention the bug the first time it occurs in the test suite. I have also included a few partially supported features as bugs because, although it would be acceptable to completely fail to support the feature, supporting it halfway can cause unexpected results.

Alternate stylesheet interface is primitive.
The underlining is ugly. It does not have a stable baseline (though it does have solid color), which it should, since text-decoration is not inherited, but, rather, spans children. (See Bug 1019) (See Bug 1777)
The left border is one pixel too thin on its left edge. (See Bug 1052)
There are bugs, but I still have to describe them... Add bugs here
Old Version of 4.1.4
The ends of the borders are ugly. They shouldn't have diagonal edges. (See Bug 1508) (See Bug 2010)
The image with class two is too high. The bottom margin of the paragraph above it is gone.
This page is a real mess. Cursive, fantasy, and monospace don't do what they should in the first part, but monospace somehow becomes better when there is an alternative font-family after it. Fonts in the DIV seem to be changing the size of fonts within - in the second DIV, with the monospace font. There may be some other weird things too. This is explained in bug 582. (See Bug 1038) (See Bug 581) (See Bug 582)
Judging from MSIE5, you could do a little better with the weight 900 (which also applies to the H4 with bolder). (See Bug 972)
The BODY font size does not inherit correctly into the TABLE. (See Bug 1044)
text-decoration should span children with text-decoration set to none (including images). (See Bug 1019) (See Bug 1777)
(See Bug 2015)
When the page is narrowed, the TABLE won't shrink past a certain point (in the 99-02-06 build, it is too big to begin with). This may be OK. If it is maximized from a narrowed position then display problems result. (See Bug 2022)
The top border is 1px thicker than the rest on thin. (See Bug 591) (See Bug 1052)
Cosmetic bug: some of the borders (dotted, dashed especially) could use some work. (See Bug 1054)
5.5.18, 5.5.19, 5.5.20, 5.5.21, 5.5.22
(Old version of suite (for tests 18 and 20 only): The thin (top & bottom) border is thinner inside the table.) Now it is gone. (See Bug 1055)
The double border varies by side. (See Bug 1052)
The image being moved up and left 30 pixels is being moved right 60 pixels instead of left 30 pixels. (This now happens only in the table and only when the window is wide.) (See Bug 1605)
list-style-position: is set in ua.css on an LI, so the test doesn't work. (See Bug 1049)

Unsupported Features from Test Suite

Other Tests

My own test pages

See the results page for my tests to see how NGLayout does overall. However, for those tests marked as buggy (B), and some others, the bug numbers are:

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