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Maintained by L. David Baron. Last updated 2002-04-03 (April 3, 2002).

This site is a listing of satellite images and movies taken by weather satellites around the globe. I have links to satellite pictures at other sites that are well known around the weather community and links to those that are practically unknown. Some of the pictures, especially those in visible light, offer stunning views of the Earth.

Looking at weather satellite images gives you a chance to see weather events on a large scale. One can see the development of hurricanes, large frontal systems, the daily cycles of thunderstorms, and the repetitive weather patterns that cover many parts of the globe. Different images have different purposes, and some are easier to understand than others, but they all have important information about the world's weather.


Quick Satellite Images - a very small sampling of images

These images are only eight of the thousands of images on the page. They just happen to be the ones I look at most often, and I think they may also be the most useful to others.

Disclaimer: The images on these pages should not be used for making weather forecasts on which the protection of life, health, property, or anything else important depends. They are for hobbyist use only. Always consult official sources of weather information.

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