North and South American Satellite Imagery (Page 2a)

...a part of the International Weather Satellite Images.


North American Images

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University images are one of a number of sets of good images of North America. There are no particular aspects that stand out well above the other good images, such as UIUC and Purdue. They are at a higher resolution than the Purdue imagery, which I usually find to be preferable, unless time is a factor. As in most North American imagery, there are clearly visible map lines. They are different from the others in that they show only a small area, the US and its immediate surroundings.

Unisys Images

The Unisys images, formerly from WXP/Purdue, are another good set of images of North America. Their main disadvantage is that they are low resolution, although this occasionally is an advantage. The archives of the images are also limited and are poorly suited for downloading for animation. Additionally, the images show a large part of the Atlantic Ocean, which is good during the hurricane season.


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