North and South American Satellite Imagery

...a part of the International Weather Satellite Images.


North American satellite images are the most easily available on the WWW for two reasons. First, the satellite transmissions are not encrypted, so anyone with a receiver can put the images on a computer and make them available on the WWW. Second, the WWW has a bias toward North American users and sites, and there are many government organizations, universities, and companies that can put their images online and see a benefit in doing so.

There are images of every type available: animations, enhanced images, images covering different regions, and browsers that allow the user to zoom in on parts of an image. The number of sites providing North American images is almost unbelievable. Somehow, they all manage to produce images that have their own little advantages over others. Images of South America are not as easily available as those of North America, Central America, the Carribean, and nearby waters. Except for the IDEAM/Colombia site, views of South America are found only in full disk (of the Earth, i.e., the whole Earth as viewed from the satellite) images.

Because all of the high resolution images are available, some of the best pictures of Earth are available in this section. The Hawaii/NASA site is probably the best section for finding large images suitable for display (I use them as desktop wallpaper).

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