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GOES Status and Information


Status Information

Technical Information

Other GOES Information


Images are available only from GOES-8 (GOES-EAST, 75°W) and GOES-9 (GOES-WEST, 135°W), along with some from GOES-10, which is not yet officially operational but is now (July 1998) moving from 105°W to 135°W to replace GOES-9, whose momentum wheels are failing. Dennis Chesters keeps some Miscellaneous GOES Images.


METEOSAT-3 was borrowed from the British when GOES-G failed before it could become GOES-7. METEOSAT-3 is now on reserve. GOES-H did become GOES-7. GOES-2 was once acting as GOES-WEST at 135°W, but does not send images anymore. GOES-6's fuel is depleted, and it is drifting west around 126°W (?) as of the plan of September 12-18, 1994 at a few degrees a month. GOES-3 was supposedly on standby (around 176.75°W (?), and operating as PEACESAT), but is now drifting east. As of July 1998, it was at 104°W GOES-7 (formerly 135°W as GOES-WEST, was replaced in January 1996 by GOES-9) is, as of July 1998, at 96.5°W.

All of this information is derived from the GOES Information and other information from NOAA's Satellite Services Division as well as the above mentioned information from Dennis Chesters. Also see the Florida EXPLORES! Satellite Resource Guide.


GOES-L and GOES-M have been designed as part of the GOES-I/M series, and construction is underway on these.

Channel Information

GOES-8 and GOES-9 Imager

Channel Light Wavelength,
μm (micrometers)
23.80-4.00Shortwave Infrared
36.50-7.00Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor (half resolution)
410.20-11.20Longwave Infrared 1: Surface/Cloud Temperature
511.50-12.50Longwave Infrared 2: Sea Surface Temperature and Lower Tropospheric Water Vapor

GOES-8 and GOES-9 Sounder

There are 19 sounder channels, of which number 19 is visible.

The following table is adapted from the meteorological sensor systems section of an AMS Bulletin GOES-8 article maintained by Dennis Chesters.
ChannelLight Wavelength,
μm (micrometers)
114.71Stratosphere Temperature
214.37Tropopause Temperature
314.06Upper-Level Temperature
413.96Mid-Level Temperature
513.37Low-Level Temperature
612.66Total PW
712.02Surface Temperature, Moisture
811.03Surface Temperature
99.71Total Ozone
107.43Low-Level Moisture
117.02Mid-Level Moisture
126.51Upper-Level Moisture
134.57Low-Level Temperature
144.52Mid-Level Temperature
154.45Upper-Level Temperature
164.13Boundary-Layer Temperature
173.98Surface Temperature
183.74Surface Temperature, Moisture
190.94Cloud (Visible)

Archives of GOES Data

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