North and South American Satellite Imagery (Page 2b)

...a part of the International Weather Satellite Images.


UIUC Weather Visualizer Images

The UIUC Weather Visualizer has a satellite image selection interface that allows the user to select a region (CONUS, nearby tropics, or parts of CONUS) and a type of image, and then retrieve that image.

Weather World Images

The old UIUC server was one of the top weather servers on the internet until it was taken off line for long-term maintenance. The satellite images came back on line on the gopher server and are even better than before, and the new web server is finally back online in 1999 (or was it late 1998?) after a few years of absence. The complicated interface (which is based on both JavaScript and Java) may be a little much, but it also provides some useful tools, including animations and access to archives going back for a few months. The selection of regions is also good. However, it may not work well on computers with small or typical amounts of memory.

Louisiana State University

The LSU Images cover a wide area, showing almost all of the area relevant to hurricane trackers in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as most of the US. The colorized infrared image is completely colorized, which can be a very useful feature for comparing land or ocean areas, or lower clouds. However, the map lines are unusually thick and interfere with the image content over land.

Space Science and Engineering Center

SUNY University at Albany

The Albany images show North America, and versions with surface map overlays are available.

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server

I'll have links here sometime... the old ones were broken, without redirects.

Florida State University

FSU has newer images on their tropical satellite imagery page. The infrared images are colorized and the water vapor images are also (fully) colorized.

Polar Orbiter Imagery Over North America

See the section on global polar archives for many other great sites.


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