North (and South) American Satellite Imagery (Page 1d)

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The Forecast Products Development Team provides some satellite images in addition to their other GOES and POES Products. The Contintental US and the Tropical Atlantic and Pacific Images are updated every half hour, and the animations run back 8 hours. The other images are updated every 15 minutes, with animations going back 4 hours. The animations are very well designed, allowing the user much control over speed, omitting images, etc. (It is the best Java animator that I have seen.) The images are standard images with good map lines on them. The animations do take quite a while to load over a slow connection. That the images are GIF rather than JPEG contributes to the problem.

As of 1999-08-25 (August 24, 1999), these images are stuck at 1999-07-18 (July 18, 1999). Supposedly, the problem will be fixed in "a few weeks."

NRL Monterey Satellite Images

These GOES-WEST images have some neat variations that overlay analyses and satellite images, along with some other good images.

University of Washington

The Washington images are rather standard images, although the enhanced Water Vapor image is an interesting idea. The images cover a good range of areas for west coast users.

INPE / Divisão de Satélites Ambientais

Brazil's Divisão de Satélites Ambientais provides a number of satellite images of the whole earth and of Brazil. The archives vary in length from a few weeks to a few months.

Colombian Environmental Information Service

These images are enhanced infrared images of Colombia and its immediate surroundings. The floater sector can cover other areas.

METEOSAT FAX System Images

These images don't have a whole lot to be said for them. They are the images of North America retransmitted by the European satellite, METEOSAT. See the Nottingham University METEOSAT Images section for more information.

Other Geostationary Satellite Image Sites


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