North (and South) American Satellite Imagery (Page 1c)

...a part of the International Weather Satellite Images.


High Resolution Area Images from NASA/GSFC

The NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Images are mainly the top resolution images that come in on the GOES feed. They mainly cover small areas, and the images had map lines, which have now been replaced by external map files, so they are generally good images with the problem that it is hard to see what is where. They are often the best images for getting good images of small systems such as hurricanes. The problem is, the images are in TIFF format, which makes them difficult to view. A good Windows viewer is Paint Shop Pro 3.11, or the slightly smaller Version 3.0. There is also Version 4.14 for Windows NT/95, which I have not yet tried. Sounder images are also available from GSFC (in the sounder subdirectory for each satellite). I am trying to find more information about the different sounder channels. The Archive runs back a few days. Channel Information is below.

WeatherNet4 Interactive Visible Satellite Images

These images are from the interactive viewer at NBC4's weather site. They seem to be based on the images from NASA/GSFC.

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server

Environment Canada Images

These images show rather good views of North America and the world. The full disk images are updated every three hours, and the others are updated every hour. The MPEG animations cover the last 48 images, and are very good for seeing the general motions of the atmosphere, especially the global (full disk) animation, since they move very fast, but not very good at specific weather features.


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