Introduction the International Weather Satellite Images.

The International Weather Satellite Imagery Center is a comprehensive listing of weather satellite images from around the world and around the Internet. They are similar to and better than the ones seen on TV. It is intended both for professional meteorologists and for hobbyists.

The purpose of this site is to list all of the weather satellite images on the Internet, possibly excluding redundant images. I am certainly aware of the fact that it is not necessarily possible to list all of the images, but I try to come as close as possible. Three years ago I was able to think that I was often very close to having all of the satellite images after I have spent a bit of time working on the site (usually over a vacation).

I am not the maintainer of any of the images listed in this site. I merely list them in an attempt to make access to them easier.

This page is intended to provide information the fastest way possible. I try not to "enhance" it with useless images. I would hope that if you find a mistake or can give any good suggestions for improving the page, you would tell me about it. If you know of any other site with satellite images that I should include in this page, please tell me.


Reviewed by Magellan Starting Point Choice Award
"The most entertaining weather site I've found is a worldwide collection of satellite images. The index is kept by a Pennsylvania high school student who, pardon me, apparently has his head in the clouds." - Dan Keating, Chicago Tribune, March 26, 1996. See references.
Cool Link of the Day: The International Weather Satellite Imagery Center offers one of the largest collections of satellite-related links on the Net. - Michael MacDonald, WeatherNet, June 5, 1996

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