CSS Test Suite Results: Opera 3.6 for Windows 32-bit

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The list that follows is a list of bugs in the browser, that is, what is described is in error. I have also included a few partially supported features as bugs.

Resizing window by dragging the right edge only causes reflow when window is enlarged, but not when it is shrunk. It should reflow both ways.
The extra spacing under first-letter in a large font seems too big, although it may not be.
This page is a complete mess. All the images cause line breaks, which they should not. Furthermore, they have no padding or border.
Body margins are displayed as padding.
These bugs are from 3.51 (I didn't reinstall):
5.2.7, 5.4.8
Backgrounds of inline elements should not cover the line height. The size of the background is determined by the top and bottom padding of the inline element.
Since text-decoration spans children, the image should be underlined.
Negative values are not permitted on line-height and should not be converted to positive ones, but, rather, ignored.
5.5.02b, 5.5.05b
The right margins on inline elements are being applied on every line.
5.5.04b, 5.5.05b
The negative margin-left causes strange effects at the right edge where there is a line break.
5.5.06b, 5.5.08b
Top and bottom padding on inline elements is not applied. It should at least be applied up to the edge of the text on the next line, but preferably to its full extent.
When padding is set on all edges of an inline element, the top and bottom padding should not affect the line spacing.
5.5.11b, 5.5.12b, 5.5.13b, 5.5.14b, 5.5.15b, 5.5.16b, 5.5.17b, 5.5.18b, 5.5.20b, 5.5.22b
5.5.18, 5.5.19, 5.5.20, 5.5.21, 5.5.22
Table cell borders do not seem to show up, although it may be only the color that doesn't work.
The image in the second example should appear after the paragraph. The same type of problem occurs in the sixth example if one makes the window narrow.
5.6.4, 5.6.6
The list marker images don't have enough padding after them. The idea of the CSS2 marker-offset is what should stay constant.
With a small font, the text inside the table is carried to a second line even though there is room to widen the table. That is, the bullet is not counted in the line-width calculation. (See my comment on 5.5.02, etc.)
There should not be an indent before the marker letter A, because it is simply the first inline box in the line.

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