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...of the International Weather Satellite Images.

There were many modifications older than the ones listed on the Modifications page. I started the satellite imagery page (only one page) in the summer of 1994 as a part of my personal hotlist (which grew from a bookmarks menu that pushed NCSA Mosaic 2.0 alpha / beta to the limit). When I got my own email account around February of 1995 I put my hotlist on the webserver at Conestoga High School (CHS), which, at that point, really only made for slower access for its one user. A version of the page then, apparently dated March 16, 1995, is available if you add old/weaisate.html to the sat/ in the link to this page. I do not want to link because a web search engine might find it. That version lasted for a long time without modification (into April and, I think, May). For a time, my hotlist was the root of the CHS server rather than being in my home directory (~dbaron). I then moved it into a subdirectory of the server. I finally decided to put it in the right place, my home directory. It was still, though, only one subpage of the weather section of my hotlist.

On October 7, 1995, I named and began to publicize the page (entered it into a few search engines, etc.). On November 11, 1995, I moved it into a different directory (~dbaron/satellite/ as opposed to ~dbaron/weather/satellite.html), and on November 24, 1995 (as noted in modifications list), I split the page into subpages, which have since grown. I still have the version from right before I split it into subpages, just add old/ to the satellite/ in the link to this page to see it (reason above). The modifications since then are noted on the modifications list. That was over Thanksgiving Break, which is no surprise to me. The majority of the serious work on the page is done over breaks.

In June of 1996 I began to experience problems with Repetitive Strain Injury, which got worse during 1996 before I gradually recovered to be able to use the computer normally again by the summer of 1998. This made it difficult to maintain the page, as work piled up.

In September of 1997 I moved the server to the UPenn Psych department's computer in anticipation of the Decemeber 1997 shutdown of the CHS webserver. During the summer of 1998 I went through the whole page with a fine toothed comb, adding new sites and standardizing the style of the page (with the help of CSS stylesheets). This was much easier than it had been before because of the automated system for processing links (used for all my other links pages, as well as the Lists of Links and Unfiled pages within this site. This list of sorted but unfiled links simplified my work so that I was able to quickly add the many sites that I had bookmarked over the previous two years.

When I came to Harvard in September 1998, I made the URL much simpler. Thus the list of historical URL's for the site is roughly the following:


Access Statistics

I have access statistics for the site for most of the period when it was at CHS. I also have some for some of the time when it was at UPenn, but they are not here. Thus these only go up to 1997 September.

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