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See also my CSS pages, browser tests, and DOM pages. They're where most of my web-related stuff goes. This is just for the odds and ends that are left.

Web Architecture

HTML and Web Design

The browser-safe palette (large version) is the set of 216 colors that browsers can be expected not to dither on any screen with 256 colors or more. When possible, it's better to choose colors from this set.

HTML is an application of SGML. Yet very few browsers support all of the SGML concepts that they should. Here are two documents that should be exactly the same: the one that uses SHORTTAG and OMITTAG, and the one that doesn't.


I have a page showing the types of quotation marks available as HTML character entities.

I wrote a few notes on language information, mainly for my own use in writing web pages in Spanish and Esperanto.

I also wrote a little perl script that prints numeric character entities to test CSS's text-transform property. Only the first and second panels of output are available, since they are large. If you want more, download it and run it (after changing the pages constant). (There's also a variant that prints them in a different way.)

I wrote a Shavian IME in HTML that allows input of text in the Shavian alphabet, an alternate alphabet for English. It uses parts of the DOM 2 Events proposal that were implemented only (I think) in Mozilla.


I wrote a simple demo of linking XML to a CSS stylesheet for display. There are two versions. The good version uses the correct syntax, while the bad version uses a syntax promoted (I think) by Microsoft, and maybe others.

I also have some other XML stuff that I haven't written any descriptions for yet. It could also all be wrong. I haven't checked much of it carefully.


HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used for transfer of most web pages. I have a page that shows (by detecting them at the server end) the HTTP request header set by your browser. These come from the Server Environment Varibles (Local Access Only) that the Apache server used here sends to web pages and CGI scripts. (The reverse type of program is available from Delorie: script that shows the response headers sent by a server.)

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